Specializations Unlock For Everyone Else

I got Halo 4 on Cyber Monday, which was after November 20th. When will the specializations be unlocked for those with the standard edition who started playing after the 20th?

My guess is you will get another code that wont work, or hey maybe you’ll be supposed to get a code but wont. Like me.

They wont respond to this though, so I’d go hold a Dev ransom at their house, That might garner a response from them.

NeverIsLupus PM me.


I wish some benevolent mother -Yoink- would come by and give me a code.

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343 is honestly the worst company.

Anyone remember Ensemble? Now THAT was a good company who made good games. But the developers at 343 honestly need to be smacked in the head. I don’t understand how you can be proud you made Halo when A) You made the Chief a damn loser and B) You actually manage the sever the connection players had with an iconic character but giving him WAY too much dialog.

FYI I never got my code either. Not that it REALLY matters because I wanted operator anyway, but the fact that some people got it and some didn’t… Just wow. That’s one way to make your debut into the gaming industry, completely -Yoink- half the remaining fanbase for a game that should have never been made.

I’m going back to Minecraft. I wouldn’t have even checked today for that code if someone hadn’t mentioned it but honestly… Just fire half the staff (more so the ones that appeared in ViDocs and interviews who claim to be “proud”) and restart.

Sorry. To be fair, T-Mobile is the worst company ever.

I got halo on black friday from amazon and i reached 70 already if anyone has a spare code id appreciate it.


What does any of that have to do with OP asking when they will be available for everyone else?

OP, theyre coming in a few weeks, ie: Early January, but thats as much as anyone else will tell you

any update on when we may get the other specializations been stuck at 70 for two plus weeks. never got a code have checked around and seems like a few people that should have did not get them either.

Is it me, or does anyone else feel like being stumped at level 70 (for what now feels like ages) like a punishment? For simply not charging to the store to get it in Nov, or not forking out another what… 30-40 pounds/dollars to get the limited edition. Seems a bit harsh. I really like the game, but it’s just boring having to wait to play the game futher for any reward.