Specializations token invalid code.

I got mail from live giving me the code to specializations token but when I entered it said to be invalid, not that its been used but invalid. Why give out codes that don’t work in the first place. Someone needs to be fired.

Ok I’m in the same boat here, i got the 25 digit code, entered it into the redeem code area, but it just keeps saying it’s invalid. I have searched a lot on the internet and no dev’s or board monitors are acknowledging this problem. All the “official” posts i find just state why you might not have received a code, not what to do if you received the code but it doesn’t work. i have found many other posts stating this exact problem and no one is addressing it. PLEASE some dev or board monitor or anybody who can help, please tell us why several of us that were eligible and got the codes are not able to use them. My hope is that this post won’t be ignored by 343/microsoft like so many others with the exact same question. Thank you to anyone, fan or official, who can help.