Specializations, Ranks, Could there be more?

Hey guys n gals, I’m just wondering, what’re you’re thoughts on the Specializations in Halo 4? I’ve completed them all, do you think there is a possibility of more Specializations in the future? Do you think that ranking up was easy/hard quick/long?

I personally think that it wasn’t very hard to get to SR130, there wasn’t as much work to do as in Reach, where it was TOO hard to do so. But thats just my thoughts, what do you think?

I’m not 130 right now, but if I wasn’t taking my time, I would be. I’m 117 right now, and I really hope they decide to add more. SR-130 really doesn’t take that long, and 130 is just a random number to end on. This makes me think that there’s actually a chance.

Well, it was referred to as Specilization Code Alpha in the email with the code, so it was either just a coincidence or it actually hinted to future specilizations, considering the fact it didn’t take long to get to SR-130 for a lot of people (I blame Double XP for that…)

Yeah I’d agree, I like in the UK and we didn’t even get Double XP as far as I know!

I am maxed out at 130 too.

I think there are 2 hidden specializations. I have nothing to back that up except that 130 is just an odd number to stop at.

If we are going to continue to use a progression system it would be nice to add the Reaches ranks. I only got to Nova in Reach so I still would have some more leveling to do. Why not give us something to make doing those challenges worth something.

Yeah I guess they’re doing the CSR thing in April but idk what’ll become of that.