Specializations: Make your own!

Specializations are one of the cooler features they’re introducing in Halo 4, in my opinion. The idea of ranking up beyond the maximum rank in a certain field of play is a really unique idea that I haven’t seen brought into a Shooter so far. And then unlocking Aesthetic awards, and even I’m pretty sure they confirmed a Tactical Package or Support Upgrade unique to your specialization is pretty awesome.

So I want to take a look at a few specializations that would be pretty interesting, here we go:

Automatic Specialist:
Rank up with - The use of Automatics; ARs, SRs, Needlers etc.
Assault Rifle Emblem
Assault Armour Permutations (themed to look like a soldier)
Assault Armour Skin
Tactical Package for slightly faster reload.
Support Upgrade For slightly smaller reticle size.

Precision Specialist:
Rank up with - The use of Precision Weapons; BRs, DMRs, Carbines, Snipers etc.
Sniper Rifle Emblem
Precision Armour Permutations (themed to look like a Sniper’s kit)
Precision Armour Skin
Tactical Package to scope in .5x further on any scoped weapon
Support Upgrade to remove spread/bloom from Precision weapons

Covenant Specialist:
Rank up with - The use of Covenant Weapons; SR, Carbine, PP, Needler etc.
Crossed Swords Emblem
Covenant Armour Permutations (themed to look like Covie tech)
Covenant Armour Skin
Tactical Package to put “Ghost Reticle” Elites had in Halo Reach on-screen while using projectile weapons.
Support Upgrade to pick up an additional Battery for Plasma Weapons on the ground. When your current battery runs out, you will “reload” the new battery into the weapon. Or you can change the battery at any time with the Reload button, but the one already in the weapon will disappear.

Promethean Specialist:
Rank up with - The use of Forerunner Weapons; LR, Scattershot, Promethean Repeater etc.
343 Guilty Spark Emblem
Promethean Armour Permutations (themed to look like Forerunner Tech)
Promethean Armour Skin
Tactical Package to enable the player to pick up ammo for Forerunner weapons (if you cant?)
Support Upgrade to slightly increase the capabilities of Promethean Vision and Promethean Shields.

Anyway, those are a couple of ideas I had in my mind. What Specializations would you like to see in Halo 4?

Driver specialisation:

Improves performance with driving

Warthog emblem
DIRT weapon skin
DIRT armour skin
Driver’s grip modification-better overall performance at driving

Scout Specialisation:

Camo Spartan/Elite emblem
Cloud weapon skin
Scout Armour skin
Scout’s bypass modification allows for longer use of AAs at expense of shields slowly draining.

Engineer Specialization:
Rank up with - Driving vehicles
Warthog Emblem
Engineer armor permutations
Engineer armor skin
Tactical Package that slowly heals vehicles while you are driving
Support Upgrade for slightly longer boost or shorter “reload” time