Specializations Ideas

Hello everyone, as more and more people reach S130, they are beginning to wonder what to do from there. The motivation of unlocking is gone unless you are trying to complete commendations or don’t really care and just want to play the game. After seeing a few threads discussing the specializations problem and watching a few videos, I have been influenced that 343i should create a second set of specializations that could be unlocked only by those who completed the first set… or they could be added into the first set (doesn’t really matter).

With these future specializations, we can 1. Bring more interest into those who enjoy unlocking and surprises in Halo, 2. Bring back old/loved armor variants from previous games/ add new/more stylish ones, and 3. Increase the possible mods available or even create a third slot of perks for these new batches of specializations.

So basically I’m asking for everyone to come up with unique mods and hopefully 343i will read these ideas (they do, but they’re a very shady group) and incorporate them into a later TU. Feel free to post an idea for a specialization and its armor below. It can be for a variant you would like to see return or you can just name your own and give it a mod (no pictures or concept art is required).

Armor Type:

Armor Purpose:

Specialization Name:

Specialization Effect:

Weapon Skin:

I forget who did this one, but in one of the threads that inspired me, the OP created one for CQB (Use my key for your idea).

Armor Type: CQB

Armor Purpose: Fighting in close quarter combat/battles

Specialization Name: Rebounder

Specialization Effect: Causes the user’s shields to begin recharging twice as quickly. Doesn’t affect the recharge time like shielding, just causes the time for recharge to start to be shortened.

Weapon Skin: Suppressor (Rugged) Skin has gives the weapon an older and used look as well as dent-like texture.

I thought this would be a great idea now that the ODST branch is retired, their armor variant would be upgraded to suit any IVs that would be specialized in the similar tactics as the ODSTs.

Armor Type: ODST

Armor Purpose: To provide quick orbital support to troops in need of spartan reinforcements or a quick strike in enemy territory.

Specialization Name: Highlander

Specialization Effect: The user would have no fall damage and delay from impact this way, spartans who jump of an edge to assault a passing enemy from below aren’t delayed in their attempts to attack with the element of surprise. Also, players won’t have to rely on thrusters or jet pack to slow their fall after being skyjacked, knocked off a ledge, or fleeing enemy fire.

Weapon Skin: Assault Rifle (Inferno) Skin gives weapon a charred look as well as molten lines indicating fire and lava.

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