Specialization's from launch

This may just be me being a derp but when i preordered H4 it said I would be able to use the specialization’s right from day one. Did I miss something as I currently I can not do this.

PS if anyone knows of a site that explains all the cons and pros of specialization’s I would be grateful.

You have to get to SR-50 first.

oh. Then they’re all available?

You have to be atleast sr50 before you can choose a specialization

> oh. Then they’re all available?

It depends. If you bought the LE then yes. If you bought the SE then you have to wait till the 30th to get your code to unlock all of them.

I got to Lv. 50 and the only specializations I could choose from were Wetwork and operator. I also pre-ordered.

Did u put in the code?

I’m stuck at 70 waiting for more specializations…