Specializations code not valid

So I finally received my code yesterday for my specializations through XBOX Live. I’m assuming the original e-mail possibly got sent and stuck in my spam filter which sucks but is no fault of Microsoft/343. I get home from work and put the code in only to receive a message stating “This code has already been used.” I went on the Xbox Live website and tried out customer support. After about 45 minutes waiting in line I finally get someone to help me. Unfortunately they stated they were an XBOX Hardware Specialist and could not help me. I was given a link to this forum and told to enter a post in the forum requesting help with my code issue. Per Xbox support this is a “known issue” and the best way to get it resolved is to post the issue on this forum and “hope for the best.”

So here I am swinging for the fence and hoping for the best that I can get this fixed!

Anyone else had this issue?

hmm i don’t understand why Microsoft wont own up to this mistake and have 343 unlock it for everyone i mean really you guys bought the game what else do they want… best of luck my friend

Tried Xbox support again with this to see if they would give me another response and was again told the best course of action would be to post on the Halo 4 forum on Halowaypoint.com. I asked if there was a support contact or e-mail and was told the only thing I could do was post on the forum and bump the post until there was a response… Seems like XBOX support is going after 343 which is sad to see.

I have been having the same problem with the spec code. I played before 11/20, wrote the code down properly and it won’t unlock. Tells me the code is invalid. Kinda frustrating that it’s happened.


Nobody here, including 343i, can help you.

Microsoft were the one who sent those codes out.