Gamertag: Furion1048

YES I played the game all day and many more days as of 11/6/2012.

YES I am over 18 years old.

YES i pre-ordered it in TAMPA FL and LIVE there.

  • I’ve heard rumor that this issue will not be dealt with if you still haven’t received a code. If this is true, i’d like to discuss some legalities with an official person from 343 Industries. Thanks.

Because I am not requesting something absurd… only what was promised:

***Why else pre-order? Why else buy all the Double XP through Mountain Dew" and “Doritos”? Why slave to reach the SR70 when the cap and perk system allows for SR130 ? Why do the Xbox live rewards for playing halo4 in matchmaking for certain periods of time when i never get my rewards (of Microsoft points)? Why purchase Halo 4 items from the Xbox Live marketplace if i don’t receive the promised Microsoft points for that either? Are Microsoft points any less valuable than cash itself?.. and lastly, If my purchases are no longer worth anything while the promotional period is still in effect, then what responsibilities does 343 have to their customer base when a previously non-disclosed cap would be put on me through the leveling system of Halo 4, because of the technological errors that have prevented so many thousands of people from receiving their promised Specializations code?

People from Xbox Live, Mountain Dew, Doritios, and Xbox Live Rewards claim that 343 Industries is the authority on the issues of promotional items and therefore should have some sort of number, or email, in which we, the customers, can get answers to our un-ending problems surrounding the lack of communication, efficiency, and general consumer satisfaction of Halo 4. This forum is where we are being directed to go, so here we wait…

Any communication about these issues from someone of authority would be of great appreciation.

Thank you.