Specializations & armor customization.

I was talking to a friend of mine, explaining the specializations concept, when I forgot something and I had to read it again.

Now I started wondering. Some armor mods looks awesome to me, but the armor itself looks terrible IMO. I don’d mind you liking it, but when I want to use rogue I don’t want the fin like armor.

So, first of all, can we still customize our armors completely (every single part) with having a specialization equipped?

second: are we able to see what mod’s the other players are using? I think this would be helpful, due to the fact you can adapt your playstyle to whatever the other team is using.

and third and last. Let’s assume one has completed a specialization, can we change mods in game? or do we need to finish it and go to an “armory” to change it?


yes, you can have any armor with any specialisation, infact specialisations are not even a thing, most people dont know this, but they give u an armor mod, so u have 1 armor mod and one tack pack, specialisations are not even a thing really :slight_smile:

  1. Armour and your load outs are completely different, you looks do not affect how you play whatsoever, so you can mix and match how you like.

  2. I’m pretty sure that you can only see what armour ability the other players are using, you can’t see their Tactical Packages/Support Upgrades.

  3. You can change all of your loadouts during the game (like Battlefield 3), you don’t just have to do them in the lobby (aka Call of Duty).