Specializations and my issues with them...

I think its awesome that we have specializations. I think that all of the abilities that they each have will really change up the online gameplay and I am not complaining that they exist. HOWEVER, I do take issue with the fact that we have to rank all the way to 10 with each specialization before we can use their special ability… (which can take a reeeaaaallly long time). I think that if you get a specialization, you should be able to use the ability right away and then through leveling your specialization, the ability gets stronger…OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!! idk guys and gals… I just think that the structure of specializations in that aspect was a poor choice.

Spoiler alert. This isn’t going to be changed.

More Spoilers. Specializations aren’t nearly as effective as 343 would have you believe.

…figures -__-

Yeah, I thought that the Specializations would be available right when you enlisted in it.

Its a way to encourage people to keep levelling up

Having had access to all 8 Specialisations with my LE, knowing what each one gives you and what perks they do, not all are as amazing as you would imagine but they are something to work towards

They have ten levels so you can unlock their armour pieces, visor colours, weapon skin and finally the armour perk, if these were just handed to you the moment you selected the specialisation why would you be encouraged to keep levelling up?

Working through my 2nd specialisation now, and it gives you something to work too

it doesnt even take that long to level them up

yo i gotta problem with the specializations thing, im on operator now and might i add i bought the game on day one and DID play it up till November 20th but why in the hell do i not see other specializations up