Specializations Alpha code not working! Why?

I recieved and used my Specializations alpha code. It worked ititially I had access to all specializations. After I turned level 50 I only had access to 2 specializations Wetworks, and Operator. Is this a glitch or what?

This is my 2nd post on the subject!

Is there anyone whgo can answer my question? Anyone?

Go to download history and re-download them this should work

I did this 6 times already. It did not work.

Well you could also try reinstalling all i mean disc 2 and all bonuses

I will give it a try.

everyone i have the answer.

to get the other specialisations you have to have the code or limited edition.

if you have these then delete all your halo 4 software from your hard drive.

then reinstall everything and it should be fine again.


Okay, I have the LE version myself and got the same problem of 8 specializations up until I grabbed the Crimson Map Pack.

Now I’ve got only the four showing and I am at level 75.

I tried deleting everything off of my system related to Halo 4, then reinstalled disc 2. Same issue. Now it is not even acknowledging my Map Pack code to re-download the Crimson maps.

Any suggestions?