Specialization Rank Up?

So when you unlock and start a new specialization…I see now you have to rank up in it to advance and unlock the armor. Is there certain things you need to do to rank up or just play the game. Cant seem to find any info on it??

You haven’t found anything on this cause all you have to do is play the game.

Now, go play and advance that Specialization.

You just rank up as usual, and wait for the unlocks. I find it kind of stupid that you have to complete the specialization to actually get the support package that the spec is based on. It just breaks the incentive of being the operator when you are the operator.

Thanks for the info…That’s what I was thinking but I just thought maybe each one would have certain goals to meet.

I had a little rage when I got to fifty and I didn’t get the armor… so i rage quit.