Specialization Priority Alpha Problem.

My friend informed me that if you had purchased Halo 4 on Nov. 6 and played online before the 20th, you recieved a code to unlock all eight specializations instead of the two that came with the nomral version of the game. I bought the game on Nov. 6 and played online and did not recieve a code. My friend, however, did. Why is this?

Your email may have been in your junk folder or your email that is listed is not active or you changed emails and didnt update that on your Xbox

I got my code sent to me on xbox. i downloaded the code for the specializations and got em all. As of last night i reached level 80. Went to unlock another specialization and they were gone except for the 3 i have already done? I have tried downloading and trouble shootin with no success. Would like to keep playin but cant and getting a lil pissed off. Need some help asap.

Many are having this issue, including myself.

I redeemed the code for specializations, got them and were leveling them up.

Then, the update a few days ago disabled my specs, so now I can’t get past 70 or choose another spec. Really annoying and I’ve been waiting for 343i to update the stuff that the last update broke.
Redownloading didn’t fix it.

bloody hell mate. i hope they fix this real soon! i am stuck at 70. i got my code. downloaded it. but the specializations are not appearing in-game at the menu.

Saw somewhere earlier if you change your network to My Xbox 360 then go to your specializations and see if they are there and then switch back to Xbox live