Specialization Help!

I know this is definitely a little late, but I have not received the specialization codes for Halo 4. I played the game within the first week it came out, and I’m not sure what happened to the specialization email, it may have been deleted. Nevertheless, I decided that I would just wait until the specializations were unlocked for everyone, but I have yet to receive a code for the specializations that were supposed to be unlocked this week and last week. My Gamertag is Tryckz and I would would really appreciate help in receiving the code. Thanks! Proof that I played the game before November 20: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/tryckz/halo4

Why worry? Within the next couple of weeks they’ll all be unlocked anyway.

Well I’m a bit confused now. I know some of the specializations are available to all players now, but how do I unlock them? They are still all locked for me. Do I receive an email or something?

No. You should have 6 unlocked with the last two being unlocked next week.

Do I have to reach a specific rank?

Nevermind. I didn’t know I had to be an SR50.

you have to rank up to SR50, once you do that you can choose one specialization, you go from whatever the starting rank of that is (example: RG 51 for rouge) all the way through the last rank before you can choose another specialization (RG 60)

I have heard this problem a couple times before and the answer came down to if your account registers you as a minor or an adult. Since this is an M rated game Microsoft can not release codes to minors. Even if you are not a minor if you made your account before you became 18 and as of yet have not changed your status to Adult then I do not beleive you will recieve your code.