Specialization- help me please

Please simply answer this question… Are the people who DID NOT play the game before November 20th EVER be able to get passed Rank 70? This whole specialization code thing is very pointless/inconvenient/disrespectful to hardcore halo-gamers like myself who have been playing Halo since Halo 1. I said I felt dumb already It sucks that i am considering returning this game after only playing for a month … Specs should be available to everyone , It takes away from the competitive value of the game when i am being held back from progressing … Smh

Its worse than that mate! Specilizations from SR70 and above have not been offered to Europe and other continents whether you played before launch date or had LE! Now thats wrong!!!

Plus the double XP points seem to be only on offer in the States, could be wrong there though.

Nothing against those who got them automatically but 343i and Microsoft suck for this decision!

I got the codes I needed (free off here, thank you by the way) so I can continue. PM me and I may be able to help you in the right direction to getting some.