Specialization codes not recieved -pls help


Can some one please advise, I purchased the Halo 4 game on preorder and did not recieve the email with the specialization codes.

I played before November 20th so I should have recieved this?

Thank you

anyone ?

Do you meet the requirements ?

Over 17 and in one of the promotional regions as not all xbox regions were supported during the 14day promotion?.
Is your contact email upto date?
Did you check your spam folder?

If not in yours emails then I suggest you update your contact info and adjust your spam filters

Also you will have to wait till the specializations are available for everyone else

> anyone ?

i just pmed you my code i dont need it

if you dont have it pm me and ill try again

i have not received a specialization code either what do i need to do now?