specialization code wont load

i recieved the email from xbox giving me the gift of the specializations but everytime i try to open it it wont load. What should i do? please help

Try to use different browsers… clean your cookies. It may help your problem.

Go to your download history and re-download it.

i tried but it didnt work any other ideas?

Have you been able to redeem the code at all or is it failing to redeem in the first place? Have you tried redeeming it from your console?

i cant even see the code when i try to open the email it says error cant retrieve data

That’s certainly a weird issue. If you’ve already tried the suggestions above, try posting in this thread dedicated to people having email issues. Your issue seems to be different than the issues other people are having but I don’t see why it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

okay thanks for the help