Specialization Code issue

Xbox told me to post a topic about my issue of not receiving a code. I have met all the requirements to get one. My gamertag is Thing OO1. .

Thanks 343.

Waiting for a reply from 343…

Same here. I’ve posted in a few other threads.
GT: MegaProto

I did not get the email to unlock the specializations, i have read over EVERYTHING and know for a fact i should have gotten, i did not even get the in game message. But, i believe the reason i did not receive the email is because i recently switched the email associated with my gamertag, i am stuck on level 70 until i get the code for specializations. I have been waiting FOREVER and would love for the code to be sent to my current email associated with my gamertag…PLEASE HELP ME!!!

I’m also stuck on level 70!! 343 needs to fix it!!!