specialization code give away

ok i have 2 codes im going to give away butim just going to post on here what they are because i dont know who has one and who dont and this way it will have to be used or the other will lose it so they cant sell it or trade it ill post one in a min

please if you get it just type back in here say you got it so i know it went to someone that needed it ty

ok first one DDGGQ-9FC29-3RX6J-7RGKD-7CCPZ

cool thing.

Wow, didn’t think I would actually get it…thanks Thrill, I really do appreciate it! When I get my spec code(if I do) I’ll give away mine.

Thanks again, now I can finally play without wasting XP.

glad to help out have one more ill do in 2 min

-Yoink- i wastoo slow. damn

Im waiting

<3 if i get it oh well if i dont, also if i get one from someone else i will be giving mine away when i get it.

Aw… ): thanks anyways though :slight_smile:

gz to whoever is faster than meh :stuck_out_tongue:

ok last one CGG2P-HK73K-79V6Y-2KKTM-G4WQZ

Love you man, really I do.

Despite getting it within 3 seconds of it being posted it still told me they were used.

congrats to whoever got them.

Darn I failed both times :frowning:

well i went and got one off ebay then the next day xbox sent me mine and one of my accounts that i used a 24 hour pass on so i didnt need them and i did not want to sell them so im glad i could help 2 people out

I have an extra that I am trying to trade for armor, looking for deadeye. Make sure you have ur settings set to everyone and PM if u r interested

dang i need one sooooo bad. all my friends play halo 4 and i dont want to play cause im about to master two 10,000 xp commendations. if anybody has one, pm me. it will be beyond appreciated

-Yoink-. i failed both times

Where do i go to redeem my specialization token/code? Xbox live sent me a code that unlocks some specializations, but they didnt say where to go to unlock them. Can anyone help me out? If so, just send me a message on Xbox. My gamertag is DrivingCBANG. Thanks!

in redeem code. hit xbox button and go all the way left