Specialization Code E-mail

Now I know this thread will probably be locked due to the fact that no one gives a crap (i.e. 343 Studios) and will give me useless information into acquiring the e-mail code that won’t help me one bit but I am wondering, would they send me a new e-mail with the specialization code since I haven’t gotten mine yet. I think I would know if I had an e-mail with the code because my e-mail will save any message I receive for 6 months even if it’s in my spam or deleted e-mails.

They won’t be sending any out until some later date. Welcome to the party!

This party sucks ._. I want my code.

I dont see why they don’t just release 1 or 2 specializations for everyone now? it would keep people happy and it would save them alot of stress. I hate seeing all these people over level 70 and im just stuck there at the same rank :frowning:

Great, so I am stuck at rank 70 in til they decide to send out other e-mails or create a DLC with the specializations. I didn’t spend money on a game for me to play it for a month only to have it become obsolete because I didn’t purchase the LE or receive an e-mail, which I am still waiting for!!


you could just start putting your requests in giant bold red text, and insert them into other threads that don’t get locked lol

I doubt that will work but whatever I’ll try it

> you could just start putting your requests in giant bold red text, and insert them into other threads that don’t get locked lol

That will get you banned for off topic posting.

Good luck with that.

I, however, am enjoying 84…because I bought LE

Im in the same boat, almost lvl 70 and been reading that the codes have been release for everyone that has played before November 20th but NOT if you live in Europe!!! WTF is that about!!! not happy… :@

Just quit playing until they realize it is a legitimate issue. I doubt they will so you would not be playing until they released the specs.
I have the spec codes now but it’s not right to lock out the ranking system.

I too am maxed at 70 because of a code, looks like I’m gonna buy black ops 2 after all

I’ve not seen any answers about this yet from anyone “official” but it would be nice if we had some inclination as to when Europe is going to be included in this. I’ve met all the criteria eg played before the specified date, age etc but because of where I live I cant progress? Also an answer would be nice for all those that have played after this date also. I heard someone use the word “neglect” in a post about this before and thought it was a bit harsh at the time but now being here myself I know exactly how the majority feel.

if you’re having problems, you should contact Xbox Support at : www.xbox.com/support

typically its 343’s first halo game creation, and i love the game, its amazing, easily the best…but their view towards the community, and how much screw ups, and how much they just shut us out and are completely useless in helping anyone, its a terrible attitude, because of your mistakes i have a feeling halo 5 will just be a disaster

How else would you go about contacting them if not on their forums?

Specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post:


Hell, even some employee’s at Microsoft Customer Support haven’t even received their codes for the specializations. I know this because I have tried contacting them for support on this issue.