Yesterday I received a message from Xbox Live about my Specialization Code. For some stupid reason I delete the message without writing the code down. I called Xbox Live support to see if they could resend it. They redirected me here. I’ve read that other people have the same accidental issue of deleting the message. I also read that the code was sent to our emails that is connected to the xbox live account, and i didn’t have any luck there either. Am I completely SOL? I’m already capped at LV 70 and It’ll suck to keep playing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

I have reached level 70 and am not able to earn points in matches. Contacted XBOX Live and they directed me to you. Hope you will be able to help me with this situation. Must have mistakenly deleted the e-mail with the specialization code.Sort of remember e-mail but do not remember seeing a code. Have checked my e-mail account attached to XBOX Live. Also junk mail in case it may have gone there. Also deleted mail. No luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly, sorry to hear about the issues.

Fact is, Xbox Support already explained over Twitter they cannot do anything about this anymore.

As for 343, they have stated, multiple times, everyone eligible has been contacted

Your best bets is to keep playing until they are unlocked naturally.

I have ran into that problem today.I called Xbox and they sent me here.
I’ve reach level 57 and when I’m playing war game’s it puts me at a level 1 where i have only two load outs and i cant level up so i don’t know if you guy’s are having the same problem.