Specialization code did not work =(

i got a xbox live message, saying we’ve noticed that you have not used your code yet. and it had the specialization code at the bottom. i typed it in and it said that it was already used. no one has acess to my account because i have passwords everywere. i called xbox live, and they said that the code was used on the 5th. it was sent to me on my Birthday on the 8th, it was unread in my messages so how could of it been already used if the message was unread?. what can i do. i went to the forum everyone told me to goto but i couldnt post anything.

Do you have any other gamertags on your xbox. When I downloaded the specializations, my xbox decided to save it to an account that I haven’t used in over two years, and I got the same message from xbox live telling I haven’t redeemed my code, and when I tried to redeem it, it wouldn’t work. An xbox.com tech support guy told me to check the downloads of my other gamertags and there it was.