Specialization Code Content?

Hello waypoint forums!

I bought the limited edition of the game so I already have access to all 8 specializations, however I also DID in fact receive a specialization code email.

Since I do not need the code for the specializations, I would like to give it away to someone who needs it and can use it.

However I’m tentative… does anything else come with the code or is it just the specializations? And after this issue with the crimson map pack and the made up “14 day buy and play” promotion, I’m worried some time in the future -Yoink!- might decide some other content is free for anyone who participated in the “14 day buy and play” promotion, and I don’t want to miss out on future free stuff by not redeeming this code myself.

Anyone have any thoughts on the odds of that happening? I wouldn’t have even given it a second thought were it not for this crimson map pack debacle and -Yoink!- just blatantly making things up post hoc.

P.S. if anyone PM’s me asking for my code you automatically DO NOT get it. I am offering it to my - clan I guess for lack of a better term - first. ONLY IF nobody in my clan can use it, then will I give it to someone on waypoint who seems like they deserve it.

Don’t worry, this code you recived from MS is exactly the same of the LE; you wouldn’t miss anything :3 in fact also LE has the same “14 days Buy and Play” offer, but instead we can keep playing with the maps XD

Btw, the current offer is just a way MS covered their -Yoink- after the mess with codes and maps XD

Thanks for the reply!