Specialization and dewXP?

Perhaps some will disagree with me on this topic, but I wanted more opinions than just mine on the subject. I’m currently a full time college student and when I had breaks in between classes I’d hunt down dewXP caps. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know was that there was going to be a temporary cap on specializations and rank. Personally, I believe that 343I should have rewarded players who earned the 2Xp; instead, I find it to have actually been a major disadvantage. I ranked up to 70 within a short time (using my 2Xp) and have been unwilling to play on my account due to the fact that any of my commendations I earn will reap no reward.

Perhaps I’m just aggravated with having spent my time and money earning 2Xp only to watch as I’m quickly surpassed by people who spent more money on their limited edition. However, I’d like to get some feedback if at all possible. I don’t believe we should be punished for not being able to afford special editions of our favored games.

i feel you bro, ive been stuck at level 70 for what seems like an eternity, im getting to angry ive been on the phone with xbox, and nothing no help, its the 30th no code. no anything im beginning to wonder why bungie didnt fight for us 343 blows and us with the regular game editions and double exp are paying for this -Yoink!- being STUCK, we are at the mercy of the devil (343) and cant escape. i honestly will not put anyone money into halo over this, poor customer service poor everything i mean come on, 343 is weak sauce compared to bungie hands down.

You hit it already? Wow, I have the LE and am using DBL XP and just hit 70 today. I hate to be a jerk but really you should have been more informed. They had quite a bit of info about the specializations and wich you get day one and wich you couldn’t. I think their mistake was not letting people know how fast you rank up especialiy with DBL XP. As for your situation, they should be releasing a code to everyone that played by the 20th today or tommorow so keep an eye on your e-mail. One other thing is that you should have probably just banked your DBL Xp and just refilled with 10 or so matches every time you ran out; I know this doesnt help you much now but maybe someone else will read this and take my advise.