So I have received the “GIFT” email from Xbox giving me a code for all the specializations. I redeemed the code and I was able to rank up even more and view all the specializations, but once I reached SR80 I went onto Specialization so I can pick my next specialization and Everything was missing :frowning:

The only specializations that were viewable were the 4 that I have completed.

I tried re-downloading the add on (alpha…add on) that gives you all the specializations but I still didn’t work.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? HALO 4 is messing up man!!! WHAT THE HECK…

Sign out of your profile, reboot, sign back in and try again

YEAH, I did that last night, I didnt work.
Do you think it is because I bought a different xbox and when I first redeemed the code was with my old xbox?

probably, just redownload the specializations


Have you moved the license for your downloaded content to your new console? That might help you.

Also, try choosing your new specialisation on your old console, if you don’t want to transfer the licenses. If you do it this way, get to level 81 before going back to playing on your new console.

How do you transfer license?

I am not exactly sure. Perhaps Google it? I don’t remember, to be honest, though I’ve done it before.

Ok, thanks for your help.
I appreciate it.