Specialisation Codes Rant & Question

First of all I would just like to say that I’m aware that there may be a older post about this but I wan’t to bump it up a little bit.

Question: So why exactly was Europe exempt from the specialisation codes? I thought Europe was a massive fan base for Halo. So why are we being treated differently?

Last night I reached level 70 and to my dismay, found out that I couldn’t level up any more! I don’t understand why 343i is segregating the community like this and there are hundreds of great Halo players out there stuck on 70 because 343i won’t enable us to level up even though we paid good money for the right to play this game. Now I understand promotions such as the American Express or Dorito double xp codes for the states but not having the whole game to unlock yourself is just plain stupid. People will leave the game for something like Cod!

So if anyone out there has a spec code which they can give me then that would be greatly appreciated, email me on edenevox@gmail.com

And if you are one of these people stuck on level 70 then make your voice heard!

Check out my page here: http://www.edenevox.com/halo-4-specialisation-block-at-level-70-free-codes/