Special trade in vaue for new Halo 5 Xbox One

I like many people have had the Xbox one since day one, and it would be a shame to get so little for the $500 dollar console we bought at launch in order to get the new Halo 5 themed Xbox one. I have checked sites like GameStop (offers $200 for the console alone) and BestBuy (offers ~$150 for the console alone). I think Microsoft should team up with a retailer to offer a better return on their original Xbox One when upgrading to the new Halo 5 Console!

I’ll be selling my white Xbone to a friend, so this doesn’t really affect me. Thusly I abstained from voting.

You know they won’t. There’s too much money to be made by making people buy it at regular price.

They probably figure that anybody who wants the Halo 5 console badly enough to trade in a perfectly good Xbox One and purchase it, would probably still be willing to make that trade-in without any kind of special trade offer.

Yea it would be nice if they did. Paying $500 twice just for an Xbox seems crazy. Maybe my wants will overcome my common sense lol

It’s tough being satisfied with what you have. I badly want the limited edition h5 xbox, but I just can’t afford it. Maybe in the future something better will come along, possibly for Halo 6 :smiley:

They already offer the things that comes with the LE edition, that’s enough of a bonus for me, either way I still haven’t made the switch to the next gen, been waiting on halo5 limited edition, so whatever it offer doesn’t matter to me so I sustain my vote…

They should Offer More For, A Higher Memory Xbox One For Like Atleast 250$ , but it’s technically a older version u should get less for it but not a 150-200 for a Xbox one with 1tb
. Good Thing I Waited For The Halo 5 Limited Edition Xbox, Still Haven’t Made The Switch To Next Gen , Lucky Me x] also if it’s a 500gb Xbox one that price range will be acceptable for trading in to upgrade to the halo5 console bundle

I’m definitely hoping they make some kind of trade-in bonus offer.

The Halo Console is already trumped up to a price more than it’s worth, you’re living in a fantasy world.