Special Mission For CEA

I had this idea. What if, when we finish CEA, we will get an extra mission (just like in Reach) after the credits and that thing with Johnson. In this mission we will get to fly the longsword and fight enemy banshees in a space battle. It should be beautiful, flying with Halo in your background, fighting some remaining covenant forces while Halo gets destroyed behind you. As long as this doesn’t have canon issues of course. It should be short though, like fifteen minutes, and should run entirely on the Reach engine.

TLDR- A longsword space combat extra mission will be fun.

Read Halo First Strike, It won’t work at all

Then nevermind.

What about if you finished halo CEA you got to play all of halo 2’s campaign updated? That would be something!

I wouldn’t mind if they added a bonus first mission that takes place on Gamma Station that shows John fighting in space while the Autumn comes to pick him up. out the window we can the battle that should have happened in Reach.

The bonus missions are fun, but they are cliché and very Call of Dutyish. I hope they don’t include a bonus mission.

I feel like they should continue to do what they are saying they are doing to Halo: CEA. I’ll paraphrase (not a direct quote) it for you: “Nothing is being changed for Halo: CEA other than a new graphical update that you can toggle on/off with a push of the back button.”