Special Forces MCC clan

SF is going threw a rebuilding period and we are looking for mature players to come join SF. We are 35 members strong and we are looking for old experienced military players that can help lead SF, but if you are a casual player looking for a clan on MCC this is the clan for you. All we are looking for in members are that you are mature, respectful, and 13 or older. this is a little info about us: Special Forces was created for the Master Chief Collection & Halo 5, which is yet to come out. The Special Forces is more focused on military power than Government, even though Special Forces has a small one. We were created on October 10, 2014 after the UNF, our Halo 4 clan, was transformed into Special forces. Our goal as a clan is to bring order, peace, justice, and liberty in the Halo community. The Chief Executive Officer is BionicGamer65 and the Executive Officer is Agent Zona.
“De Oppresso Liber” (“To Liberate The Oppressed”)- SF Motto

Branches to join:
Marine Security guard (sub branch of marines)

Extra sub branches:
Department of media
Competitive team

If you wish to join go to our website@ www.sfhaloclan.weebly.com

Happy Easter,

I was wondering if your clan would be interested in conducting a clan battle with the Epsilon Fleet at EpsilonFleet.com! We hope that we can have some friendly battles to promote activity and competition. Message me on Xbox Live if you are interested thank you