Special aspects of Betrayal-System

Ok, guys, I know there are several threads dealing with “betrayal”, but I want to talk about a special aspect of the betrayal-system.

If you kill one or more enemies, but also a teammate in the process, you still can be kicked by that teammate.

I think this is unbelievable stupid. Especially in team objective games, sometimes it is just the best thing you can do for the team, to kill one ore more enemies, even if a teammate dies in the process.

So for example, if the enemy team is about to capture the flag and tries to escape with a warthog, and you have a wraith and have the option to shoot at the warthog with 3 enemy players (driver, gunner, flag carrier) before it can escape, but one player of your own team is close to the warthog and would be also killed in the process, what is better?

Kill all four players with the wraith (therefor saving the flag, but killing a teammate, that will spawn again a few seconds later) or let the other team escape and score?

I think the answer is very clear: It is better for the team to take out the hog and take the teamkill.

Yet, if your teammate who gets killed is a *******, he can kick you out for teamkilling him. I think that this is unbelievable ridiculous.

The solution for this is quite simple: Chance the TK-Kick-System, so that killing a teammate does NOT give a kick-option, IF the action that led to that teammates death did also damage to enemy players. This should be quite easy to implement in the program.

Please, 343i, use this idea for the Halo 4 MP. I don’t want to get kicked several times for TKing even though it was completely unjustified, like in Halo Reach.

I’ve never, ever, been in a position like that. If I’ve killed a teammate and an enemy at the same time its usually because I’ve been stupid and fired a rocket at them or because my teammate has been stupid and ran into a grenade I’ve already thrown.

The solution to your problem? Wait literally a second and then fire. The splash damage could still hurt your teammate, but they’ll live and the warthog is dead, albeit like 5 metres further away.

Edit: in general, just don’t fire stupidly with power weapons.

Most people I’ve played with don’t kick me if they know it was an accident, anyway.

heres an idea
343 should secretly track people who get boot alot.
that way the silly people who purposely get betrayed wont get to boot you.

> heres an idea
> 343 should secretly track people who get boot alot.
> that way the silly people who purposely get betrayed wont get to boot you.

I could actually see something like this working. Not personal tracking, mind you, but some system that tracks how many times you betray or get kicked and calculates from there.

Like, if you’ve only betrayed a few people within, what, a day? A week? whatever, than when you kill somebody by accident, it’ll let you off that once since, from your record, you’re not one of those troll teamkillers. However, if you’ve betrayed a lot of people, than killing someone only once would give them the boot option. However, the record would only track so far back (a week or so, maybe), so it wouldn’t accumulate.

It would at least help cut down on some of this stuff.