Spec threads?

Yeah, I’m sure this will be closed, but I find it pretty ridiculous that they’re not even going to comment. Whoever is supposed to send the e-mails screws up and doesn’t send them all out. Then they tell you to post on a thread to get them. After ignoring half the people on the thread they just close topics and don’t respond to anyone or explain what’s going on?

It’s not even about the specs. Whatever, if I don’t get them, I don’t get them. But this is about the worst customer service I’ve seen in a video game in a long time, to essentially say “Screw you” to people who purchased the game. If they simply responded with “hey, we’re very sorry about that but at this point we can’t accommodate you”, fine, I’d be a bit annoyed that I was promised something and then refused it for no apparent reason, but so be it, stuff happens. But to not even explain themselves, to just close threads mentioning it and hide it when THEY screwed something up is absolutely disgusting. I certainly am not going to be one of those people who claims “Oh I won’t play Halo anymore because of this!”, that’s silly, of course I will and I’m sure I’ll get the next Halo game too, but it will make me less likely to even look at the next non Halo game from this developer if that’s the kind of customer service we can expect. Not being able to fix every problem happens, and that’s truly unfortunate, but there is absolutely no reason to refuse to explain what is going on and simply try to hide that there’s a problem by closing every thread that mentions said issue. We aren’t internet trolls (well most of us), but paying customers.

That’s all, close away as was done with the other threads that dared to ask why some of us weren’t being sent codes that were promised.