Spec Codes, just pointless.

For days I have been looking through my emails, Xbox live messages, looking on twitter and on here in the hope that my codes would be there or someone would finally shed some clarity on what the fudge is going on! I have never ever experienced such a silly situation that I need to enter a code to unlock the ability to rank further? what kind of stupid system is that anyways… it should of been available to everyone! Just another way to con people out of money. I love Halo, it’s my favorite game and has been since the day C.E was released till this day, but I can’t understand for the life of me why these codes aren’t made available to us from the beginning! Me ranting on here is pointless anyways, I’ve seen so many people post of here just as helpless as me just it might make me feel better to rant on a bit so thanks 343 because I’ve lost all willingness to carry on ranking up because there is no point, not even Call of Duty makes you pay to prestige!

Specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post: