Spec Code Threads -- A Silent Genocide

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Just one of many being locked without explanation. Allow me to give you the “thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks” that I promised.


You’ll have to forgive me, my dear forum moderators, but nowhere in the forum rules do I see something about “Do not post about specialization codes.” Sure, there was the official thread, but that got locked, so we can’t exactly post there anymore to discuss the situation.

I understand that, as forum moderators, you don’t have any direct control over this situation, and are likely just doing as you’re told when locking threads. Stand up for yourselves! Grab hold of your man purse and tell 343 that you won’t lock another thread until they address this! Please? Haha

Xbox support still directs us to these forums. People on these forums claim that its Microsoft’s fault. Either way, it still reflects very poorly on 343. They need to address this. Locking threads without saying ANYTHING at all (you aren’t even giving reasons anymore, which is just weak) and sweeping it under the rug is NOT the proper way to address this.

Despite the final post in the official thread, there are many people who should have received codes, but have yet to. This isn’t just about skins or helmets, these are game changing perks that people deserve access to but are being denied. Actual gameplay is on the line here and it is utterly wrong to just leave people hanging while shrugging off the issue with a blanket statement.

Please, PLEASE at least make another sticky saying “We’re trying to get in touch with people who CAN do something so that we can fix this for you!”

And as a request to future posters here, please don’t spam your confirmations that you deserved your code. Show support, demand attention… but don’t spam “(GT)/Yes/Yes/Yes” or similar. If you posted in the official thread, your info is still there if they decide to actually go through it thoroughly.

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