Spec code extra

I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a extra specialization code I can have? I am maxed out at 70 and have been playing since it came out but never recieved my code.

Did you guys recieve your codes as you were suppose to?

Nope, never received one. XBL Support told me to come here. And all I’ve gotten here is flak for posting about it.

im basically seeng the same this is -Yoink- I wanna play halo and rank up this made double xp pointless because i used it and now im capped and cant rank up

Look at the way this polls going 343 needs to just release the specializations for everyone problem solved.

You have to remember the people on the forums are mainly people angry about something with the game. Included with those are the people that haven’t received the specialization codes.

The people that received the codes are online, playing, and happy.

However, I do agree that the specializations should just be released to everyone. This entire “promotion” was a huge failure and should just be put behind them.

I have one extra but won’t give it up for free


is the promotion with the spec codes only in ameria?because i play halo 4 since 18 november and i dont have it :frowning:

sorry for my bad english

what do you want