God please!!! 343 please please please hear me out look at this please… alot of the maps are smaller than the general map sizes in past halos… this is fine realy. But for God sake fix the spawns please I’m onyx in slayer since the game came out last season onyx in arena and free for all been playing multi-player since ce (I know it wasn’t online then but system link . So realy since halo 2. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten spawn killed spawned on a nade spawned on a rocket shot spawned right in front of a enemy. However I have and I have multiple videos of proof in upload… I know I’m not the only one who feels the spawns are poop and swat is what got fixed out of all things. The least competitive skill wise. Not putting down swat players I’m just saying. If you agree spawns need to be fixed in anyway or you disagree please post I Wana hear how some new halo players feel and veterans because idk if my neighbors 20 yards from my house can take my profanity anymore lols and I’m not one to freak out over games I have a life I’m a emt firefighter all I play is halo bassi Clydesdale always been like that haha

And I don’t know why my phone put Clydesdale. Sorry