spawns or spawn times fixed please

I am a very competitive person especially in halo. All for map control. I find my self getting naded by a person I just killed, find my self being able to die rescan and kill the person that just killed me in a matter of seconds, I find my self and other players getting spawned right next to the enemy, or right on top of a damn grenade and then dying I’ve recorded this happening multiple times. I love halo 5 probably my favorite halo to date, (halo 2 ) was my favorite. I get halo needs to evolve to modern times but 343 please don’t try so hard to do so. By this I mean I like how you have to be more quick now I love this fast paced game play but I find with the spawns how they are and the radar people are now just running around like a call of duty game. Please please please depending on how others feel fix these two things. 1 radar. 2. Do something with the spawn times or spawn locations. If I wanted to run and shoot I would have bought call of duty or I would just play swat. Other than that this game was outstanding it feels like a fast paced version of halo 2 and 3 it feels like what halo should have always been. Now when I see my guy a game starts I feel like a true strong fast super soilder. Please I’m all for evolving halo but don’t screw with the core of it (quick engaging from spawns) (radar)

I feel like the spawns are broken

Ya I agree with ya they have there selfsame an amazing game. I personally love it and that’s comming from a person who grew up playin competitive h2 all the time