Spawns need work

I really feel like 343 needs to work on spawns. Too many times you spawn in front of an enemy and they are able to shoot you before you can react.

Anyone else see this often?


Yes, at the beginning of a second round of oddball I’ve had a member of the enemy team spawn with my team like WTF

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It’s just the size of the maps. Being in such confined spaces means its kind of inevitable to a degree. I feel like the spawns are much better now than they were in 4 or 5, but i still do experience what youre saying from time to time. There’s really not a solid fix for a problem like this. If the maps are too small and the enemy team is spread across it, chances are someone is spawning in front of/behind an enemy. If the size of the maps are increased, then you risk ruining the pacing of the game with a 4 man team.

For the smaller 4v4 maps I dont have to many problems with spawns. There are some instances where it will spawn me mid map in direct los of a sniper which is like wtf. BTB slayer specifically is where some bad spawns become apparent. It will spawn me in enemy controlled territory and I have no chance of survival.

i persoonaly haven’t seen being spawned in front of an enemy but i have been spawned in some fairly stupid locations like on the other side of the map from my odd ball carrier…

The fix would be a couple seconds of spawn protection, where you can’t be shot/killed. Could be tweaked, maybe even just a second. No one should be be able to be shot before they can move

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I’m sure 343 are collating all the heat maps. They will know which spawn points are working and which one’s aren’t. Hopefully there will be some tweaking soon.

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Definitely the case.

Spawns are a tad wonky

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I hope so, I just think it’s good to point it out so they know there is some adjustments that should be made. As another saidz it’s certainly not the worst spawning compared to previous iterations

In an arena shooter that emphasizes map control, spawn points will always be an issue to one degree or another. I don’t find it to be too bad in general, but in 4v4 objective games they can be very problematic. Lost count of how many times I’ve been creeping up to a flag to then habe have two recently killed people pop up right near me, only to get consistently spawned at “mid” field when the enemy is only just taken possession of our flag.

There are a lot of factors that impact spawns, and unfortunately a fair amount of them can be affected by knowledgeable players.

Agreed. Can’t tell you how many times this happened to me in streets when fighting for rockets, only for the opposing players to spawn directly in the line of sight of them and kill me

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had one game on ctf the enemy kept spawning in our base…