Spawns are an issue in BTB.

I’ve been having a lot of fun in BTB, the maps are fantastic and it is a fantastic addition to Halo 5. It feels right at home and I can’t wait for more maps to be added. The spawns however are absolutely horrendous. Constantly spawning in view of enemies (and enemies spawning in front of you too) and enemies spawning in your base behind you if you so much as step out of it. Fair enough if their base is being attacked and they are under significant pressure but this is not the case!

The Standoff remakes main issues seem to be the enemies spawning in your base and spawning in the open next to absolutely no cover. Enemies spawning in your base behind you is very frustrating as for large portions of the map there is little cover and you have little time to react, the same goes for spawning in the middle of the map. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spawned and sprinted for cover or towards my own base and been took out by a BR/DMR before I could get anywhere near either. Feels incredibly cheap and unfair for both teams.

Recurve doesn’t have as much of the base spawning issues as the Standoff remake but the main issue is spawning right next to groups of enemies. It has happened so much that I just decided against recording clips to show how bad it can be. It’s not only frustrating to spawn in the midst of a group of enemies but it feels very cheap when you see an enemy pop up right in front of you and get the jump on him before he can move.

Basin and Guillotine are not as bad as the other 2 but Basin in particular suffers from a mixture of random base switching and spawning right in the middle of action. The spawns seem to be a lot worse in regular Slayer than they are in the objective types.

After issues that have already been discussed enough about spawns in both Arena and Warzone, I was very optimistic about BTB and had hope in the Cartographers. How are they this bad? I thought 343 were supposed to check them out and test them like they said in the Sprint?

As I’ve said, I’m having a lot of fun playing BTB. It is a welcome addition and a nice change of pace from Warzone and Arena but the spawns are really ruining my overall experience with the playlist.