Spawning under map

Anyone else spawning under the map every game just went from 1650 to 1580 in 5 minutes because it spawns me under the map


I am also continuously spawning under the map. Can’t get into any kind of game mode at all. Playing Xbox game pass version Xbox One.

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I am still having this issue as of 2/4/2022. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still having problems. has anyone found a fix?

I have never faced this issue before.

Is it on a specific map or is it just randomly happening on random maps?

Any screenshots or video? I believe you, it would just be neat to see.

Are you on Xbox or PC? If PC then are you using the Windows Store or Steam?

You can report bugs using these links. 343i will be slow to respond but they will eventually.
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This is what my screen looks like while the game is happening.

I am on a PC using the PC Gamepass on the Xbox app.

I can’t upload a screenshot because it says I am a new user here but essentially I don’t see anyone in the game including myself and just see like a wallpaper of the map. My friends tell me I am in the game and can move around but I cannot see anything happening in the match.

You can post a URL of the screenshot if you can upload it somewhere else. The forums might block you from posting the URL too as a heads up.

Updating my graphics card driver fixed this issue

This is definitely a PC issue. I used to spawn under the map often. That all stopped after I switched to playing on a series x.

quick update on this, I updated my graphics card and it worked for 1 game but I noticed something right before the issues showed up again. A window popped up on my screen asking if I was still logged in on my gamertag for xbox live. I click yes and then the next game I load into I have the issue. Every time I reload the game the same window pops up and then the issue shows up the next game. Same issue is happening with my campaign file.

I have downloaded the multiplayer on Steam and can play with no issues so it is an issue with the xbox app for PC. I can play which is great but my campaign file is effectively chalked.

For me I’d spawn under the map when using a base Xbox Series X controller on PC after using a scuf. My theory is that if you switch controllers at any point it’ll cause this bug. But I also have a feeling a lot of things are causing this bug.