Spawning outside zone is an unfair disadvantage

Last Spartan standing is a fun game type. My main gripe is in the last moments of a game. If you get killed you spawn in the red zone which instantly takes health off you. So by the time you get to the zone your opponent already has the upper hand. Surely you should have 10 seconds or so before you start losing health.

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You have the advantage of knowing their position. That’s the balance as you’ll likely have the element of surprise.

I kind of agree, but spawning inside the little zone wouldn’t be much better. I think brining the zone in sooner would help encourage engagements so games are less likely to go 10+ minutes.

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I’d like to point out that in any other game with a closing ring mechanic, you’d just be out of the game entirely and wouldn’t have a chance to try for a comeback

Spawning inside the zone when the zone is at it’s smallest is also a huge disadvantage.