Spawning Issues

I believe this topic is more suited for this forum, so I have created it here.

Most of the spawning related threads I’ve seen created refer to the issues of spawning in front of the enemy, which can certainly be frustrating. However, this topic is related to the incidents where you spawn in an area where you can’t get out, or literally spawning off of the map in question.

I have three specific examples of this. While I will specify the map, I don’t necessarily mean to say that the issue is condoned to that map, it’s just the map I was on when I experienced the issue. This is mostly relevant to my first point below.

  • On Noctus, there are moments where if you spawn near teammates that may be fighting a boss that spawns in the rear of either garage, there is potential you will spawn and fall to your death immediately. This happened to me just yesterday, in a critical and close moment in the game. I spent 6 REQ to purchase a Sniper Rifle, and wasted that REQ as I immediately fell to my death. - On Noctus, you have the potential to spawn inside the vehicle spawning bay, and you are unable to get out of the bay at all. Since it is also much more difficult to suicide with standard loadout weapons and grenades, you are out of luck unless you can position yourself in a way where you may take forms of splash damage from combat going on outside of the vehicle bay. There was another player in the bay with me, in a single game. I know I am not the only person this has happened to. - On Apex 7, I have spawned inside the walls of the East Armory. This incident also had another player that was in there with me when this occurred. I basically spawned underneath/inside the ramp that would take you to the top of the base if you are inside it. I was able to walk along the wall and perch myself on an ‘invisible platform’ that allowed me to stick my leg through the wall and be visible from outside the armory. Upon jumping off the invisible platform, I fell through the world and fell to my death.I am unsure as to what the mechanic or algorithm that is used to determine spawning, but it needs some serious work, particularly when it attempts to spawn you near teammates (Point #1). I don’t believe it would be isolated to Noctus for this to occur, but more happenstance given Noctus’ design to have those pits in the rear part of each garage. I assume you could have this happen to you on Stormbreak as well, but I cannot say for sure. I enjoy this game, but these spawning issues need to be addressed to clean up the gameplay.

I can’t imagine as a player using a very rare Power Weapon of some sort and losing it just because of the RNG of the spawn. This will certainly happen (if it hasn’t already and been reported) and will make many players very unhappy.