Spawning behind some one is bad idea.

It seems in most playlists there are random spawns this is great for ffa but in a team game its just a knife it the back. All that hard work to get the kill and before your shields even recharge, the guy you just recked is shooting you in the back.

Even in oddball or KOTH sometimes you and your team will spawn closer to the objective than the other team. This is luck due to terrible spawns. What happened to fighting the other team to get control of the objective? Now its just haha I died but I spawned on the hill and my team spawns here to.

I feel im doing all the hard work but im getting nothing but loss and maybe if I die every 5 seconds I will spawn in the right spot to win. Its just a bad idea in my opinion to reward players that die the most in any game type.

It happens in BTB if you push to far into their spawns too. You can have the enemy team spawning behind you if you are not careful. So, using Ragnarok as an example, it’s best just hold middle, turret, and pelican instead of setting up for the spawn pwnage.

So in other words, dynamic spawns.

Dynamic spawns do work alot better as is. With so many one shot kill weapons I think dynamic spawns but have the spawn points in spots were its harder to spawn kill. like in btb or ctf you could have a few more spawn points were your not going to get sniped off spawn. Sometimes its nice to spawn in the open if your team is in a firefight, sometimes its nice to spawn in cover if the other team has map control.