Spawn timer in WZ too long!

Ever since I started playing halo 5 I have really enjoyed it. Except for one thing. The respawn timer set in place for WZ is way too long as it’s set for 7 seconds. As an active on line player am I the only one who knows how long 7 seconds actually is when you are playing competitively online against other players? Waiting to respawn watching the other teams score steadily increasing not being able to do anything is really frustrating. If 343 put the timer in place for some specific reason they should cut it down to 3 seconds so you could jump back into the action. Or better yet be able to hit the “x” button and bypass the timer all together. The only thing I can think of why it’s so long is when you die you get the option to open the req station. But, that can also be easily done by proceeding to the nearest station once you spawn. Just some thoughts.