Spawn system

I dont know if this is even gonna mean anything now, and if there is a more appropriate place for it i would greatly appreciate knowing where that is.

Basically, my complaint is with the spawn system currently being used in Team SWAT. I dont usually play many other GT’s except maybe Zombies on a occasion, so i dont know if any other lobbies have the same problem. What i do know is that SWAT’s spawn system is broken. Its almost as if someone tried to incorporate the buddy system without actually incorporating the buddy sytem. Instead, we get to respawn in close proximity to a teammate 90% of the time, even when thats not a good thing. I spawned at the bottom of the staircase on Sword Base, my TM beside me, and an enemy at the top shooting down at us. It literally spawned me in a firefight. Earlier tonight i played a game on Uncaged, and instead of spawning me near a teamate, it spawned me right below three enemies in the base by the wall. Im not saying that the old way was perfect, but i liked it alot better when i didnt spawn right beside a TM while they are in a firefight, or have all 3 of my TM’s respwan behind me, in the open, get shot in quick succession, and then have it happen EXACTLY the same way 5 seconds later. I dont know if it actually has been changed, but it seems to me that its different. It seems very, very broken. Normally im not one to complain, i either deal with it, or i just stop playing the gametypes i dont like, sometimes entire lobbies all together. But something tells me that that wont work this time, and i like playing halo too much to stop all together, just because of a broken but fixable spawn system. If they want to incorporate the real buddy spwan system, im more than okay with that. I like being able to spawn beside my “Bro”, and i especially like the rules that it sets. For instance, the buddy system will never spawn you while your buddy is in combat, so no more spawning in firefights. it wont spawn you when there are enemies within a certain distance, so no more spawning directly below 3 bad guys. I like that idea. Again, if anyone knows of a more appropriate place for this to be posted, especially for it to be seen, please let me know, i would really appreciate it. I just wanted to put this down somewhere.

SWAT Spawns are the exact same as regular Reach spawns

Which kind of explains their poor placement.

but as i said, it didnt seem to be that way before. i notice myself spawning beside someone far more often now. And i used to never spawn beside enemies(or below them). I never spawned IN a firefight. if its the same as it used to to be, and im just noticing more all of a sudden, then it still applies. the system needs to be changed.