Spawn-protection "yay" or "nay"?

Currently there’s no spawn-protection in place, I believe in the older halos that was the case as well.

I just realized that especially on Slayer matches (not BTB), there have been a bunch of occurrences where I respawned and immediately got shot from the side without me even having the opportunity to turn to the side and shoot back (you know, a BR can finish you off fairly quickly).

Is the spawning system just that predictable already?

What do you think about a spawn protection?

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definitely a no, better respawns would probably work best

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That’s what I’d think as well but some maps (like Live Fire) are pretty open regarding their spawns.

That aint’t it chief

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Sometimes it’s not even that they’re predictable, I randomly find enemies spawning in front of me from time to time, hopefully 343 can do something about it

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The tradition of “nice spawn bungo” lives on in 343