Spawn points in ranked!

Spawn points in ranked are terrible specially in objective games you can’t even set up or even have map control plenty of times we’re I have spawned very close to the team who have the oddball even times we’re we have got the ball running back to team mates that are close by and the enemy team has spawned close either the right side or left of the map it just turns into at complete mess specially when both teams are in onyx that’s even more chaos and mess fest many times our team have won games because of spawn points there are times we’re we have completely broken through the opposite teams map control then once we set up the spawning of opposite teams have all spawned close by around the map giving them perfect flanks and an easy set up there are times we’re it has happen to my team to why didn’t they just make blue team spawns on one side of the map and red the other side the only game type that’s pretty good for spawning is CTF what’s everyone else’s views of the spawns?


There probably aren’t set spawns so people can’t just camp the spawns and kill your immediately every single time you spawn in. It seems like they tried to randomize the spawns or a combination of bringing you in as far away from the enemy but as close to your teammates as possible? Idk

The thing is the maps are quite big anyway so the likely of spawn trapping/ spawn camping is slim

CTF have red side blue side spawn points and it runs quite well
The fact that in slayer or oddball you could be pushing the enemy team kill two of them as you are pushing still the 2 people you just killed spawn behind you then they can easily pinch you

I’ve even witnessed this myself I died my team mate did to and we spawned behind the enemy team from there we sprinted back to the fight and got back possession it’s completely broken also one of the threads I posted was disable sprint in HC games it just turns into complete chaos mess in halo games map control is KEY and you literally CANT its more like a free for all spawning but with teams don’t even get me started on the rank system going down a rank when you win and get a good score

The spawns have been horrible since the flights, and they haven’t changed them. I was 100% convinced they were bugged, but opening a support ticket assured me that it was a feature and to post feedback on these forums. That means 343 won’t likely be fixing them anytime soon, so we’ll have to enjoy our unbalanced Ranked matches for a while. And it’s always one team who has the good spawns. Either you stomp them because you keep spawning behind them in fights, essentially turning the game into a 8v4, or you are on the opposite end and get stomped 8v4.