Spawn points a little wack?

I know this might be easier said than done. But does anyone else feel the spawns are a little jacked? I understand it is unavoidable in some game types such as SWAT since its 1 shot and therefor players are constantly respawning. But I have had NUMEROUS times where I’m having enemies spawn right behind me in ranked matches or right in between me and a teammate… Is anyone else having similar issues?


from what I understand the spawns are influenced a lot by player positions. Enemies will spawn at the furthest possible areas from the largest group of enemies. If you are finding that they are spawning by you it is likely that you are separated from your team. For example, in a stronghold match if you are near “A”, but the rest of your team is at “C” and they get a bunch of kills, all the enemy respawns will happen closer to you than them.

I am not 100% sure that’s how it works, but that if what I observed to be happening most often.

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I think you are 100% correct. Which I agree with spawning you away from the where the most danger is, but in modes like CTF I don’t feel that should be the case. I don’t know. Just seemed a little wack compard to my expierences in past Halo games. Maybe I’m just losing my mind.

Spawns are more than a little wack. I’ve had instances in tactical slayer where I’m spawning and getting beamed to the dome and instantly die. Whatever their algorithm it is bad. Especially bad considering this is a triple A release years and years in the making. I feel like part of the failure of the devs is having one idea of what players will do but then players do something drastically different.


I agree, the spawns seems somewhat really weird for example on stronghold games. In my case I spawned in “sandwich position” 9 out of 12 times. As soon as I started to move I had an enemy in the back and one in front of me.


I’ve had a few spawns where I was getting shot before I could even see anything in ranked. I have a suspicion that they don’t spawn you together with a teammate who is also respawning.

Oddball and Strongholds seem to be particularly bad about spawns but CTF is fine. Slayer is alright to a lesser extent than CTF


i love swat, favorite game mode in all the Halos, but I could not agree more. I understand there is a tactic to swat by sitting in certain positions to allow for spawn killing, but in this case it is almost unbearable the amount of times I am killed seconds after respawning. Hopefully there is a fix for this, something.

they can be yeah. I’ve spawned on the edge of the pool in Live Fire and fallen in immediately when I moved, and I don’t even count the number of times I spawn in an enemy line of fire or in front of something and die instantly. They either need to really fine tune to perfection, give a 1 second spawn protection or perhaps both to my mind but I’m no genius.

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What really screws with this is the fact that most positions in every map has multiple long sightlines. So people spawning behind or on top of you is partially due to them being able to see you from the many angles inherent to most if not all spots on the maps.

They’re really messed up. I spawned in line sight of a Scorpion tank that obviously killed me at spawn, being in the same position it was from previous engagement.

In this Halo, and to an extent it’s franchise. The way they designed it, it’s actually fairly easy to figure out where people will spawn. Usually you’ll start killing things, then after a few kills here and there, they will just start spawning on the opposite side of the map.

Once you play for a bit, it’s really not super difficult to figure out.