Spawn Order in Invasion

I’ve been working on an invasion map here and there and I pretty much have my geometry finished. So now I’m getting on with the setting up the map for Invasion… setting up certain items to appear during a certain round and disappear during a certain round…

What I’m confused by is how the spawn order works. I went to Boneyard in Invasion Forge Editing and left with more questions than answers. I basically get how to label certain items, but I don’t understand how the spawn order works and I can’t figure out exactly what Bungie did to create spawn/respawn zones.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m working on an Invasion map, so I’ve got this stuff down.

Inv_Weapon - the item will spawn at the beginning of the specified phase.

Spawn sequence 2

The item will spawn at the beginning of phase 2.

Inv_Vehicle - Same as above, except with a waypoint over it after spawn.

Inv_gates - The item will spawn at the beginning of the game, and disappear after the specified phase.
Spawn sequence 1

The item will spawn at the beginning of the game, then disappear when phase one is completed.

That’s all I can remember right now. Oh, and this stuff is under object options > advanced options. It does apply to spawn points.

Yeah, I’ve been fiddling with it too. Due to a total lack of anyone who has a clue, I’ve managed to figure these bits out myself.

The Spawn Order affects several things. If you have a bunch of respawns, the spawn order makes it more likely you’ll spawn there rather than elsewhere, seems to be random when theres a lot of SP’s rther than say just two. The lowest number is the most likely here.

You can modify it by using the res_zone tags and the order - in invasion the respawn order is the stage the SP is active in, so if you want a certain team to spawn in a certain place on the first stage, when the goal is being attacked only, set inv_res_zone true and spawn order to 1 and set the team. You dont HAVE to set teams for SPs, but if you want to use the inv_res_zone tags its helpful. I think thats which way round it is, the res_zone and res_zone_away tags in Assault work like that, res_zone_away makes the spawn more likely when the bomb is NOT planted…

There are also inv_res_p# tags, these seem to work like the res_zone_away tags to control what SPs are used in which stage of the game…

I hope that helps, the other poster who replied filled in the rest.

Take care dude

Thanks, that does help.

Have you guys figured out how to set an area so that players can choose their respawn? I didn’t see Bungie use Respawn zones in Boneyard so I wondered about this. Thanks for the help though.

I believe you need to use an spawn camera, then fiddle around with the options.

Hmm… that makes some sense. I’ll have to check that out. I’ve seen it before but assumed it was meant for something else.