Spawn on your bro, co-op style

Halo 5 Mp is great, but it could use some improvemets, my biggest complain right now is that you spend to much time running in warzone, sometimes you have to run trough all map to get a base, kill the marines, a spartan or two and just to get killed.
I think warzone needs the spawn system like the one from Invasion mode previously featured on Halo: Reach, you get a parner in the lobby, either randomly assigned or someone from your party, and in the game you can select to spawn in one of your bases or besides your partner like in co-op. It could help for both teams, either attacking or for defending bases and it adds dinamism to encounters on the matches, getting bosses, spawning in vehicles etc…

What do you guys think?

I was pretty shocked this wasn’t part of the game. spawning on your fireteam members would be a great help.


Think 343 could patch it soon?

Use a mongoose

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> Use a mongoose

It’s not only about getting to point A to point B, the spawn system overall could help for a better dynamism in the matches