Spawn killing on Valhalla

First of I just want to say that i’m really enjoying the game. Its surpassed all my expectations.

However I am baffled as to why they picked Valhalla to be remade. It was almost legendary for spawn killing in Halo 3 and still is in Halo 4.

Its even worse with the Mantis now. Once a good team gets hold of that central hill then the other team really has to work hard to not get killed over and over again as they leave the base. Because of personal ordinance the snipers on the hill keep re-supplying themselves.

If they manage to steal Mantis by wizzing to the back of the base with a Ghost/mongoose you are as good as dead.

We had two enemy Manti at the back of our base two enemy snipers on the hill and other DMR enemies surrounding the base. It was an absolute slaughter. I kept spawning with a plasma pistol and stickies to take out the Manti but it wasn’t good enough.

Hopefully this problem will sort itself out when the godlike players are only matched with their counter parts.

But apart from this and the current matchmaking issue, I have no complaints :slight_smile:

Map control should be everything in a shooter, if the other team has hill control you should easily be able to begin picking people off with the DMR.

The main problem is I have yet to play a game where people are using mics, communicate with your team and coordinate pushes.